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Have you ever experienced the inconvenience of trying to view a website on your mobile phone only to encounter missing content or bad formatting?   Or how about the frustration of clicking on a link in your boss’ email only to

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August 9, 2013

Using Best Bets in SharePoint

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One of SharePoint’s most valuable functions is its Search Capability.  Not only does it leverage the content that it crawls within your organization’s database, but it is also able to track the frequency each keyword is used in the Search

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Online meetings are integral to successful businesses. The beauty of virtual rendezvous lies in their convenience and cost effectiveness: members from around the globe can meet at a specified time and confer with one another without incurring travel costs.  A

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January 28, 2013

Ethical Leadership of Innovation

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The primary goal of corporations is to create money for its shareholders.  Executives and managers are faced with the responsibility of making sure that the businesses with which they are associated remain profitable for the sake of its stakeholders.  Solely

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