On March 27th, we hosted senior leaders from regulatory bodies and associations, spanning a variety of industries, for a round-table event to discuss the common issues and potential solutions these regulatory agencies & associations are currently facing. Challenges, opportunities, observations, and current trends were brought up to encourage idea exchange and discussion among the attendees.

The group setting facilitated peer-to-peer discussion where the senior leaders re-analyzed how their data and member information was being stored and took a closer look at how efficient their current business processes are. Navantis provided attendees with a pressure-free environment allowing for the free flow of information. The event was the perfect opportunity for senior leaders to learn more about how other regulatory bodies and associations are overcoming challenges similar to their own, and how Navantis’ Peopleworks helps others make their business more efficient.


Although every regulatory body and association represented at the event was unique, and had its own set of concerns and requirements for a member management solution, we were able to identify many common issues. Here are just a few:

  • Multiple systems and databases being used to record, and store information making it difficult to access, search, and organize data.
  • Inefficient use of time and resources manually implementing processes like initial registrations and renewals.
  • Lack of employee training and support after implementation.
  • Little integration between the company website, databases, programs, and other departments.
  • The security of information is at risk as there is currently no access limitations.

If you are facing these types of issues you should consider reaching out to us for a consultation, we’d love to hear from you!

Peopleworks member management

Laura Panteluk, the Executive Director and Registrar of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba (CRPNM), flew in to speak at the event. She provided attendees with invaluable insight into the entire process, as the CRPNM faced many of the same challenges and recently implemented Navantis’ member management solution, Peopleworks. Laura discussed her needs, decision making process, how her team managed the risk, and experience working with Navantis. What many were interested in however, was how smoothly the implementation process was and how Peopleworks is working for the CRPNM now.

About Peopleworks

A constituent relationship management solution for regulatory bodies and associations can offer solutions to all of these issues and provide functionality which you may have not considered yet. Peopleworks is built on the powerful and robust Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. It provides everything your organization needs to eliminate repetitive work tasks and frees your staff resources to focus on other objectives such as driving membership growth, stakeholder management and enhancing services.

Navantis and our award-winning Peopleworks product has helped hundreds of membership organizations and regulatory bodies realize value. From the very small to the very large, we have a solution that enables you to harness your vast repositories of data and turn that into valuable business information and insight that you can leverage to serve the needs of your constituents.

The event was certainly a success and provided all attendees with valuable information to take away. We hope to organize future events similar to this, focusing more closely on the issues you are facing, and how Peopleworks will work for you. Stay tuned for updates on future event details!