Is Conservation Demand Management (CDM) worth the effort? Is it possible you are missing an opportunity to save, and conserve – and letting your customers do the same?  Do you maximize best-in-class communications planning to optimize the benefits of building positive customer relationships?

1)   Find money, save on costs.

That’s a pretty bold statement to make, and rather simple but rebate credits and energy incentives programs are in place for your business and your customers and if you’re not taking advantage of them you are losing money, and possibly spending unnecessarily.  True, many programs require extensive investment in time and resources but, when well-managed, it is time well spent.

Energy rebate and incentive programs for businesses can top $50,000 and can include proportionate residential incentives for your customers. Just ask Toronto Hydro, Loblaws, or Canadian Tire…just three of the many organizations, large and small, which chose to implement programs.

Their commitment paid off.

In 2011 alone, Toronto Hydro, a registered participant in the Ontario Power Authority’s (SaveOnEnergy) program to deliver conservation and demand management programs, committed to a major investment which paid off with extraordinary results. With no less than 8 programs implemented, Toronto Hydro achieved approximately 101,300 MWh in energy savings and an estimated total electricity reduction of 42.8 MW.

From greening their fleet, to public awareness programs that saw more than 3,600 fridges and freezers turned in, and more than 1,300 home energy savings installations through their peaksavers sign-ups. And more than 9,500 households received heating and cooling incentives for Energy Star installations.

101,300MWH. That’s enough energy saved to power more than 50,000 homes.

2)    An active Conservation Demand Program positions your company as a leader in green energy awareness.

Global attention to energy consumption and conservation is growing. Rarely does a day go by without a climate-change headline or an article on energy controversy. It’s true, negative news grabs the attention. What rarely gets written is just how much is actually being done now, and momentum is building. Getting on board will position you as a cutting edge leader at a crucial time when conservation and energy management becomes more broadly understood – and demanded – by consumers.

3)   Improve employee morale and productivity with CDM initiatives

Participation and contribution in pro-active conservation demand management programs create healthier work environments. Organizations that have green, energy-saving customer options enhance their, and their employees’ reputations. Not only is it a source of pride that employees highly value but it also offers opportunity for internal incentive and morale-boosting sales opportunities.

All efforts, big or small, to conserve energy matter to individuals and communities alike – and this body of public opinion is growing. It’s worth taking a look at how your staff might feel if they were part of a program that worked towards a sustainable environment.

4)   Community brand positioning can go viral with well-managed CDM programs.

The opportunity to maximize your brand value by leveraging your organization’s commitment to demand management conservation could offer countless opportunities for strategic communication planning management. With every consumer benefit, every energy-saving program you implement, your brand is put out there as the delivery agent. Grow your brand recognition while you, and your customers, benefit – positioning your organization as a leading consumer advocate for energy reduction and cost-savings.

Many alternative energy sources, despite their benefits, can be cost-prohibitive to consumers, their ROI very long-term.  But combine the incentives currently offered for mainstream energy resources – your products –with a customer-valued delivery process and your brand could reach new, unique and profitable destinations.

5)    Go beyond the $$$…

Truth is, there’s no real way to assess the dollar value of energy demand management conservation. Yes, the consumer and utility can benefit from incentives, further encouraging critical conservation, and yes, it’s good for employee moral, and brand positioning, without question. But it is also good for the world we live in. As resources are increasingly reported to be reaching capacity, isn’t it time to pay attention to how your organization can contribute to the welfare of future generations, to the earth itself?  We need to move toward a more responsible and sustainable future. From corporation, to customer, to community, to individual the advantages are not just financial benefits but environmental preservation.

So how do you do it? Accessing and implementing programs may seem a daunting task.  How do you take advantage of the opportunities currently available without assigning resources that are already under significant pressure to perform in these economically challenging times? Well Toronto Hydro, for example, would suggest that the first step should be to ensure that you are equipped with the right kind of measurement protocols that can be integrated with your existing back office systems, manage process flows, and provide your organization with the necessary reporting and management systems for relevant, easily-accessed end-user assessment all while meeting government audit requirements.

In other words, to paraphrase Sean Bredin, VP Sales & Marketing with Systemgroup Consulting Inc. (Microsoft Partner of the Year), you want to be empowered, with scalable yet simple to manage solutions that make life predictable and easy.

This can actually be easily integrated. Navantis provides system integration that works with your existing back office empowering your organization with the ability to easily manage the 360 degree scope an effective CDM program demands.

Never mind the existing demands on businesses to go green while coping with ever-increasing demand – managing the internal processes for these incentives may seem daunting.  You don’t have to be a major energy distributor to benefit from the savings and incentives. But you do have to be prepared to manage them internally and externally.

Ask yourself…do you have the resources and CRM database to take advantage?  Here’s where the expertise of Navantis could help you capture these opportunities. Navantis can help you achieve your energy commitments by providing a common, unified reporting and portal environment for key account managers and demand managers driving CDM programs. You make the commitment to embrace conservation management and let Navantis, take advantage of its worldwide partnerships, experience, and solutions systems that will fit yours, and help you achieve your desired outcome. Contact [email protected] today to learn more!