Your membership constituents are your most valuable asset. Keeping and maintaining a healthy and vibrant community means consistently delivering value at every step along their relationship journey with you. For best-in-class membership organizations, this translates into continually improving services for your members to access. But most membership organizations are operating under constraints with limited budgets and resources.


Where Is Your Value Residing?

For many associations and regulatory bodies, they are the keepers of a wealth of unexplored value. Value that lies in silos around your organization and can often be found in excel spreadsheets, access databases, credentials systems, case management processes, paper-based files, contact databases, event attendee lists, and third party information sources. The list is endless and while it lacks power in isolation, when combined can provide a vast repository just waiting to be explored.



What Value Can I Unlock?

The ability to tap real-time into the collective conscious of your membership enables you to be responsive, pro-active and genuinely engaged with your community. For constituent members, the more you respond to their needs, the more engaged they are, making it more likely that they will remain connected with you. In many cases this strengthened relationship represents opportunities to provide new streams of revenue growth through classes, events or other billable services.


Can You Answer These Questions Today?

  • How do we demonstrate the value of being a member in our community?
  • Can I visually see how our services and actions are impacting our members?
  • Can we tap into new channels to expand our influence?
  • What do our members want to see from us and why?
  • Where are my members getting their information and education today? Is it from me? Is it from other sources?
  • Will our members participate more actively if we increase our services?
  • Are our members referring us to others?
  • How do we increase new member sales while retaining the members we already have?
  • Do our members want new services? Will they pay more for additional services?
  • How engaged are our members?
  • Who are my most valuable members and why?
  • Where should I focus my time to generate the best results?
  • Can I segment my members to provide more personalized services?
  • Which members are most-at-risk and why?
  • Are we good advocates for our members? If not, why?
  • Are we using Social Media appropriately? What is our plan to incorporate social into our membership strategy?


What is My Path to Get There?

The good news is that you are not alone. Many organizations from small to large are facing the same struggle that you are. The better news is that there are many best practices that can be followed, ensuring you build a path from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future, that is milestone based, delivering incremental value at each step.

Navantis and our award-winning Peopleworks product has helped hundreds of membership organizations and regulatory bodies realize value. From the very small to the very large, we have a solution that enables you to harness your vast repositories of data and turn that into valuable business information and insight that you can leverage to serve the needs of your constituents.

Watch our video and give us a call. We are waiting to listen to you.

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