Now that it has been a week since MMS2013, and the dust is starting to settle down, I’ve been going over my notes and the great material I had the opportunity to experience while there. As a consultant, I approach this content from two perspectives: Firstly, how do I take this content and knowledge and apply it to my current customers and make their environments better? My second approach is a bit different and rather more opportunistic. I define new services and offerings to make our customers prepared for future plans and innovations.

During this year’s MMS, what really caught my attention was the growing attention and investments towards Hosted Private Cloud Services. While it may not be groundbreaking news itself, and while Amazon, RackSpace and most recently Windows Azure can offer these solutions and services, I completely agree they can and that they are doing very well. However, these public solutions do not always address some Enterprise, Governance and Local customer needs, such as personalized services, customization and managed services.

What I have learned during MMS has encouraged me to think: What should I do in order to assist our current and future customers to grow and take advantage of the Cloud?


Empower your Datacenter with Windows Server 2012,  System Center 2012 and Windows Azure Services by offering Infrastructure as a Service. An example being, high density websites with elastic cloud scaling, with the ability to provision Virtual Machines hosted on Windows Server and System Center 2012. All of this based on new Self-Service Management Portal and REST APIs for managing a new class of cloud based services!

As I said in the previous post, it’s the future and its available now:

In the next couple weeks I will be working on a structured offering and a demo environment where we can demonstrate these amazing features. Drop me a line if you are interested to learn how you can achieve VM Management, Service Management, Self-Service VM Networks, Multi-Tenancy, Self-Service Tenant Administration, Usage Metering all through enabling your own hosted IaaS.