When we engage organizations in SharePoint Governance Strategy projects, we’re working with the organization to help define their overall approach to implementing, rolling out and operation of their SharePoint platform.  The typical deliverable is a large document that provides the core development team with a detailed understanding of how to manage their SharePoint implementation.

The deliverables we provide are for a limited audience – the core project team.  Once these are finalized, we typically also provide an executive summary for a broader stakeholder audience.

However, these projects do not address the need to communicate the “rules of the road” to end-users, site owners and partners.

Governance Training should be integrated into a broader communication and training strategy.  Our governance deliverables provide good content but need to be translated into a training program that fits specific audience needs.

How do we do that?  By taking a large (typically 100+ pages) deliverable and generating appropriate guides, FAQs, and training materials for the audience.  This could include in implementation the following types of resources being designed and built:

  • Feedback site
  • Governance committee site
  • Training guides for site owners on their roles and responsibilities
  • Meta-data description attached to pages that allows users to embed governance rules directly into pages
  • Automated workflows that translate governance strategy into processes such as user provisioning, site provisioning, auditing, etc.
  • Operational guides for IT staff to maintain the platform

Strategy is only the first to a sustainable SharePoint program – in order for it to be effective it needs to be integrated into the roll-out of the platform.