In hooking up the SharePoint 2013 navigation to the term store, I found a few bugs at least in the current early preview version (I’m using the Office 2013 cloud version, let me know if you find the same behavior in a local install).

  • The term driven navigation ONLY seems to work with publishing sites – if you try it with a collaboration site, the navigation doesn’t appear at all.
  • There seems to be some caching going on between the term store and the site.  I created a term called “test” in my term set, deleted it, and it was still showing up in the Navigation.  I had the same experience when I switched the page linking from the term from the default Page Not Found to a specific page – it took a few seconds to work from the navigation.
  • In refreshing the page, I was able to generate this error below:

  • While SharePoint 2013 automatically generates a term in your navigation term set if you create a page, it doesn’t work the other way around.  If you click on any term without hooking it up to a page, you will get a page not found by default, or the page inherited from its term set parent.  This means that if I have a large number of terms and I want to create pages for each term, I have to create each page manually, link them up in the term set (under the navigation tab) and populate the content.  This seems like a very tedious task for cases where I have an existing catalogue of items (think for example of creating a product catalogue).