At Navantis we see hundreds of SharePoint environments. Some we build, some we rescue and a lot of which we manage.

Our clients run their business on SharePoint. It’s their communications portal, their frontend interface to applications, their internal or external web content, their record repository, etc. SharePoint is a powerful part of a client’s technology investment.

Many of our clients have their SharePoint hosted by a third party or have it in someone’s datacenter. That environment typically has some level of proactive monitoring.

Unfortunately that level is low. Low with respect to monitoring what really matters!

Traditional hosted services watch the operating system and some of the running services 24×7, and if they fail – in essence solve the issue by a reboot.

They do not manage or monitor what matters to you – what matters is the Application, that being SharePoint.

The reason is simple; these companies are great at hardware and operating systems – not applications. Your applications are what matter. To monitor, manage and support SharePoint you need a strong SharePoint partner with application and development experience.

Navantis is a leader in the SharePoint application space; why trust your environment to a company who simply hosts physical hardware?

SharePoint monitoring run by SharePoint people! SharePoint managed by SharePoint people.

Welcome to Advantage by Navantis.  Advantage is our managed support and services offering that gives you SharePoint driven expertise to drive 24×7 reliability to your environment.


  • Proactive Monitoring of your SharePoint farm 24×7:
    • Someone is watching your environment around the clock
  •  Alerts, escalation and remediationfor issues that arise:
    • If something goes wrong we triage it in real time
    • We work with you to map our escalation and resolution process
  • Insight into your farm with real data – monthly reports on:
    • Capacity planning
    • Users Stats
    • Basic compliance reporting
    • Security reporting
    • Custom reporting available
  • Extension of your own SharePoint support, development and technical bench:
    • An allocation of support hours are made available to you
    • Hours can be used for any support or enhancement services you wish
    • Can be leveraged for planning and advisory requests
    • Our entire support team is now available to you
  •  Simplified Procurement Process:
    • No need to go through your regular procurement process to gain support or enhancements
    • Your time to get the support you need is dramatically reduced
    • You can pick up the phone and access our team right away
  • Navantis Service Managers:
    • Based on your plan you are assigned a Service Manager
    • You have a central point of contact
    • We provide monthly updates directly to you

Trust your SharePoint environment to Navantis. Talk to us today about how Advantage fits your company. All you have to lose is a headache.

To learn more about our Manages Services Offering, visit us on the web:

For further information and to get started contact:
Andy Papadopoulos
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(416) 477-5711