Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution Peopleworks is maximizing on industry trends to drive member engagement through online collaboration. Peopleworks supports an innovative and key differentiator in its forums and message boards section of the Online Portal. This forum and message boards section allows members and constituents to post and engage in online conversation with other members in a secure, password protected environment.

This new and important feature provides your organization with numerous benefits including:


The members of your organization will from time to time have questions for or require information from your organization. Having a central location to ask questions and receive answers allows your members to feel more engaged with both your organization and other members of the community. Studies have shown that a more engaged member community is more likely to renew their membership while at the same time encourage new members to join as well. A more engaged membership community helps to drive satisfaction and trust, which ultimately helps to drive increased revenue for your organization.


On average, it costs $1/minute for member service representatives to assist with an inquiry or problem. Therefore, if your organization receives 100 calls in a month, at 5 minutes per call, that’s a total of $500 a month or $6000 a year! Members now have the ability to access and search for relevant information using the message boards and online forums, without calling into a help line.


Having a message board and online forum feature within your Self-Service Portal provides your organization with an inside look into the wants and needs of your members and constituents. What are their frequent concerns and inquires? What are their suggestions or complaints? Data can be compiled and leveraged to increase visibility into understanding members’ unique needs. This increased visibility can in turn, improve the relationship between your organization and its constituents and lead to higher membership renewals rates and greater member satisfaction.