For the IDCEC (Interior Design Continuing Education Council) ensuring courses are current and compliant to IDCEC standards and managing member information was a rigorous and complex process that involved multiple systems and people. Completely paper-based processes meant educators were often waiting weeks to find out if new courses were approved and designers were not always clear on what classes they needed to keep their credentials current. To provide better value to members, IDCEC needed a Member Management Solution that:

  • Managed member information and educational portfolios
  • Managed processing and approval of course content
  • Was completely secure and accessible online
  • Automated paper-based business processes

IDCEC enlisted the help of Navantis and our Peopleworks team to help streamline business processes and improve visibility into member credentials and education courseware. Since then they have seen tremendous results, including a 40% reduction in administrative support, 60% increase in approval time and significant reduction in costs for mailing, photocopying and couriering.

“By selecting the award-winning Peopleworks solution, we have increased our service levels while decreasing the administrative efforts of our team. We have up-to-the-minute insight through intelligent dashboards. We are thrilled with the results.” Brynell D’Mello, Director, IDCEC

To find out how we did it and to read IDCEC’s story check out the case study!

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What is Peopleworks?

Peopleworks is our award winning member management solution built on the powerful and robust Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. It provides everything an organization needs to eliminate repetitive work tasks and frees your staff resources to focus on other objectives such as driving membership growth, stakeholder management and enhancing services.

Our member management solution is a scalable solution that offers functionality required by most member based organizations. Contact management, membership/registrant intake, recording/tracking of payments as well as reporting and dashboards are just some of the features available in Peopleworks. Available as membership management in the cloud or as an on premise solution, it is an easy, simple and affordable member management solution for associations, public sector, unions, regulatory bodies, healthcare, not-for-profit and other member-based organizations.

For the past three years, Microsoft has selected Peopleworks as one of the best member management solutions – both in Canada and around the world – and we have over 100,000 members across the country using it today. Visit our website to learn more about Peopleworks, the leading Member Management solution.

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