With more than 100 vendors operating in the market, IT service desk tools have become widely available and highly commoditized. Each year Gartner releases their ITSSM Magic Quadrant to help customers evaluate vendors and support decision making. The research is based mainly on the product’s features and identifies some of the top players in the space.

To my surprise Microsoft’s System Center Service Manager (SCSM) didn’t make the cut. As the Product Manager of Management Solutions, I’m often questioned about how SCSM measures up to it’s competition. System Center offers an integrated suite of IT service support management tools (ITSSM) that go beyond the capabilities of a simple service desk. It provides businesses with a comprehensive solution that covers much more than ticketing and reporting. It allows you to gain a better understanding of your operations and better manage your resources.

In the chart below you can see that SCSM offers all of the same support and product features as ServiceNow – one of the top products according to Gartner. SCSM provides the same functionality as many of its competitors with the added value and assurance that comes with building on the Microsoft platform. There is an abundance of information readily available with the opportunity to easily integrate with other systems and Microsoft products.

System Center Service Manager vs. ServiceNow

Feature to feature, SCSM matches many of the brands on that list. However, businesses looking for a qualified vendor should be focusing less on the features and more on the solution and added value that the vendor delivers. Service Manager is one of the only platforms that allows you to automate any operational process. As an IT team your ultimate goal, when implementing an IT service desk, is to automate as many of the mundane and repetitive business processes as possible to save money and resources. Service Manager allows you to better streamline your workflows and integrate with other enterprise systems, all on a familiar platform.

Navantis has pulled SCSM out of the System Center suite and brought it to the cloud as a standalone product. Service Manager OnCloud provides businesses with an affordable solution that reduces IT spend and increases performance. We offer the security and reliability that comes with working with a Canadian Cloud provider. Housing our servers and data centers on Canadian soil means we comply with the strict security and privacy regulations – and your data remains safe.

Service Manager OnCloud Pricing

This is just one of the tools and solutions Navantis offers. Given the size and level of expertise that our team has, we can provide a comprehensive solution that allows for complete integration with all of your enterprise systems. Working closely with a dedicated team of Navantis experts means you receive personalized service and customizations which some boutique shops can’t offer. For example, we build custom reporting and dashboards based on the familiar interface, SharePoint, and build customized workflows for our current clients.

Service Manager is more than just a service desk solution, to learn more contact [email protected] today!