With the turning of the calendar to July 2014, much as been written about the implementation of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL). Organizations’ reactions range from fear over financial penalties and jail time to utter confusion regarding compliance to outright denial of its existence.

Take a deep breath and back away from the ledge. Although it may not be apparent right now, CASL is a gift – wrapped in a big red bow. There is no better event than the introduction of a major legislation to compel smart organizations to review their customer relationships and how business is conducted. In CASL’s case, by managing customer relationships in new and better ways there is much potential upside for efficiency and profitability.

Still sceptical? Consider that according to various studies from Gartner Group, Harvard Business Review and Sirius Decision, 92% of customers ignore cold calls and spam email. If your organization uses any of these methods you can cut your spending to 8% to achieve the same result while reallocating funds to higher value activities.

CASL compliance means more precision around how you acquire customers and communicate with them in an ongoing relationship. Now think about the current challenges most organizations face when it comes to effective communication:

  • Each department (sales, marketing, customer service, web/social) use a different system to track customer interactions.
  • There is often not a way for these systems to provide a single view of a customer’s interaction with an organization
  • As a consequence, the right information isn’t available to the right person at the right time to capitalize on an opportunity or to address an issue for a customer which impacts the organization’s bottom line

You could consider CASL compliance as a way to avoid up to $10 million in fines, but you can also recognize that while adopting the needed communication processes, there is an opportunity to understand the total experience your customers have with your organization and where improvements will deliver bottom line results.

To get started making the most of the gift that is CASL, start by selecting a globally recognized partner who has the experience to define not only the necessary processes but also the impact on people and technology to go beyond compliance and drive your organization’s success.  Select a partner with the skills to build and execute a cohesive end to end customer relationship strategy that will drive efficiency and profit for your organization.

Navantis, repeatedly recognized on a global and national platform by Microsoft as one of the best Dynamics CRM partners in the world, has put together a comprehensive program to ensure you and your company are CASL ready. Our CASL Readiness Program will help your organization amend current communication processes and establish a framework for Dynamics CRM to address CASL requirements and guidelines. For more information regarding our CASL Readiness Program read our CASL game plan or contact sales@navantis.com to get started!