As part of my job at Navantis over the years, I have sat in on hundreds of our clients’ meeting rooms. In many of those rooms, I see very elaborate and expensive video and teleconferencing equipment.

I have seen many clients invest thousands of dollars  in these systems that are dedicated to a single room, only to sit idle 90% of the time.

Most of these users don’t have the ten minutes of patience it takes to fire up these solutions, as they are not the simplest of systems to use. It’s like having 5 remote controls to get your movie to come up on your home television. While the system is running, it really only has value if it’s talking to another system at the other end. This means anyone else not sitting in those rooms is not receiving the same experience.

One of the consistent feedbacks I receive of a Microsoft Lync solution, is its ease of use. It is very easy to get a multi-party video conference up and running quickly; with all parties having the same experience.

People want that same quick, easy experience in their meeting rooms. So why can’t those room-based systems work as easily as Lync does?  Welcome to Lync Room Systems (LRS).

Working with Microsoft, a few vendors have now developed a Lync-based room system. These systems blend the ease and flexibility of Lync with an integrated large screen and touch experience. The LRS is now simply a Lync end-point. It fits right into the Lync solution you already own today.

Navantis is very excited to be part of the new LRS solution offerings. We are also excited to announce a new partnership with ET Group Inc. to deliver LRS solutions.

ET Group is an award winning Voice, Video and Data design and collaboration firm. Together, we can provide everything from meeting room design services through to LRS equipment and software implementation.

ET Group has been heavily involved with Smart Board technology and has seen the power of collaboration that Smart Boards bring to clients. Smart now has a Lync integration offering that ET Group and Navantis will bring to market.

Look for an invite coming soon to attend an upcoming seminar where you will see firsthand how Lync Room Systems can make a great impact to your organization.

For more information on Lync and LRS solutions, I can be reached at [email protected].

For a sneak peak of the Smart LRS Solution see