Planning creates the following benefits:

  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Alignment to business objectives
  • Operational sustainability
  • Ability to measure success
  • Prioritization of spend
  • Adoption

It also reduces traditional project risks:

  • Expectations not being met
  • Uncontrolled growth
  • Re-work
  • Project failure

Before you invest significant funds in licenses, hardware, custom built solutions and content, we highly recommend you start with a plan that delivers at a minimum answers to the following questions:

1. What are our business objectives?
2. How will we measure success?
3. What resources do we need to succeed?
4. How are we going to engage stakeholders within the business?
5. How will we make decisions about future changes?
6. What business processes will need to change as we roll?
7. How do we ensure we can sustain the platform?
8. What are the roles and responsibilities for managing the platform?