Navantis Manage 360 OnCloud, our unique, one-of-a-kind management tool is layered on top of Windows Azure Pack and provides visibility, manageability and control for workloads on premise, in the Navantis OnCloud Data Center and in Azure.

Built to run on top of Windows Server and System Center, Windows Azure Pack is a collection of Microsoft Azure technologies which extend the functionality of Microsoft Azure to private data centers. Windows Azure Pack has simplified the enterprise cloud landscape by providing one single web based portal where resources can be provisioned and managed. However, management and visibility at the customer level – the single pane of glass promise – across this rich suite of assets has been limited to Windows devices. It requires a complex installation of System Center on a desktop at the client environment meaning that IT cannot manage their environment from any device, anywhere.

As our platform of choice, we are dedicated to evolving this technology set. Whether we are hosting your SharePoint farm, monitoring your applications or simply providing support we’ve built on the powerful Windows Azure Pack platform to extend the capabilities of these technologies to better serve your business.

As the first managed service provider in Canada to do so, Navantis has taken the Windows Azure Pack API and developed a new and innovative service that takes cloud VMs for compute and add managed monitoring, managed infrastructure and managed services all under a single Navantis Manage 360 OnCloud interface.

By layering Manage 360 OnCloud on top of the extension of Windows Azure Pack services in Navantis’ Canadian data center, we are delivering:

  • Self-service capabilities to spin up environments on demand in just a few minutes.
  • A “single pane of glass” view of all managed services across any device including non-Windows devices.
  • Options for single sign-on with on-premises and other public and private hybrid cloud solutions
  • Customers can manage their own applications in the cloud, creating hybrid applications or take advantage of Microsoft certified experts who understand how to ensure applications and workloads are always running smoothly and at the highest levels of performance.

Windows Azure Pack

Why is this important?

It means that IT can view and manage their full infrastructure and workloads from any device, anywhere. Android, iOS, or Windows devices. They can see their on-premise infrastructure, their workloads at the Navantis OnCloud Data Center or right into Azure. Before Manage 360 OnCloud, this was not possible from a single pane of glass, or from multiple devices including non-Windows devices.

Fully functional with alerts, workflows and automation, this extends true value for customers who want a completely manageable hybrid environment that combines specialized services and workloads running in the Navantis OnCloud Data Center with the customers own on-premises infrastructure along with the Azure cloud, all delivered across a fully Microsoft hybrid cloud architecture.

Windows Azure Pack

With the promise of even greater flexibility across a true hybrid cloud environment, Windows Azure Pack has enabled Navantis to extend our multi-tenant cloud solution even further. For our customers who rely on us to bring deep Microsoft expertise across every layer of their enterprise, whether it is on-premise, in the Navantis OnCloud Data Center or in Microsoft Azure, the choice, agility and flexibility to scale is unparalleled.

For most customers, it’s intensive and cost prohibitive to acquire the right hardware, licensing and know how to achieve and optimally manage IT infrastructure. Navantis’ Manage 360 OnCloud delivers the benefits of mature IT management processes at a price point they can afford.

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